Kim Trebatoski Ruiz is a Certified Senior Ecologist (CSE) through the Ecological Society of America with a Master of Science in coastal resource management from the University of West Florida and a Bachelor of Science  in aquatic biology and water resource management from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point.

Kim has 20 years experience in both the public and private sector within southwest Florida.  She has developed a strong professional and community network earning respect for her abilities to work as an ecological consultant, field ecologist, environmental regulator, scientist, and mentor.   Kim has the unique ability to guide your project from field assessments through design, permitting and construction, as well as, engage stakeholders and testify at public hearings.

  • Biologist: Kim utilizes her background in the biological sciences to the taxonomy of flora and fauna (i.e. identifying species of plants and animals).  Her taxonomy skills were refined during her tenure in the Malacology Department of the Florida Museum of Natural History identifying micro-marine mollusks.
  • Environmental Planner: Kim’s interdisciplinary background and ability to work directly with stakeholders and the public provides the foundation for applying her ecological knowledge to rezoning proposals, land use plans, and composing land use regulations.  Ten years as an environmental planner with Lee County Division of Environmental Sciences included review of hundreds of rezoning applications, field verification of protected species surveys and proposed indigenous preserve areas, reviewing development plans, reviewing and writing comprehensive plan language, writing land development code, testifying at public hearings, interacting with the public, and participating in meetings with advisory councils.
  • Field Ecologist: Kim has over thirty years of field experience beginning with her studies at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point.  Field experience includes ecosystem assessment, protected species surveys, plant identification, aerial photographic interpretation, soils analysis, water sampling, and topographic surveying.
  • Primary Consultant / Project Manager:  Kim utilizes her professional network to build the best team to meet each client’s goals from site evaluation through project design, permitting, construction and monitoring.  A detailed scope of work is compiled  for the client and subconsultants to define project tasks, schedule, and budget to meet the client’s project goals while meeting environmental regulations.  Experience includes ecological restoration sites and passive recreational facilities.
  • Project Design: Kim provides ecologically based preliminary design plans for surface water management systems, preservation areas, passive recreation facilities, and low impact development.  Final designs are completed by licensed engineers.
  • Public Hearings / Expert Witness: Kim has presented and testified through cross examination at hundreds of public hearings including Board of County Commissioners, City Councils, hearing examiners, and advisory boards.


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