Why choose EcoPlanz?

Beyond Wetland Delineation

Most environmental consulting firms in southwest Florida focus on wetland delineation and wildlife surveys.  EcoPlanz is so much more.

Kim Trebatoski Ruiz opened EcoPlanz in 2012 to offer a personalized approach to both private and public sector projects.

Kim has the unique ability to guide your project from field assessments through design, permitting and construction, as well as, engage stakeholders and testify at public hearings.

Kim utilizes her professional network to provide the best team to meet each client’s goals from site evaluation through project design, permitting, construction and monitoring. A detailed scope of work is compiled for the client and subconsultants to define project tasks, schedule, and budget to achieve the project goals while meeting environmental regulations.

Kim has a passion for the natural world and connecting people to place.  Your project will benefit from her passion and knowledge.

Interested in applying this approach to your project?

Kim will help you understand her approach to projects and provide a site specific scope of work proposal. Send your project details and contact information to kim@ecoplanz.com